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TiP Ltd.

About us

TiP is one of European natural language research and software development leaders!

With more than 20 years of expertise in language parsing, summarizing, disambiguation and machine translation TiP delivers linguistic components to the biggest names in the IT field.  Our experts have qualifications in linguistics, statistics, terminology, knowledge discovery in documents as well as excellent technical skills related to multiplatform computing.

A company wholly dedicated to natural language research and software development, TiP was established in 1991 in Katowice, Poland. In 1992, with COR™ and CorWin™ stand-alone spell checkers TiP became the leader in the computer linguistic technology in Poland. TiP's Polish proofing applications were recognized in 1993 as the Software of the Year by PC Kurier magazine and were awarded the Gold Medal at Softarg '92 Fair in Katowice.

TiP has developed a number of dictionaries and applications to process the Polish language. CorWin® Polish language engines are licensed to Microsoft Corporation, Corel/WordPerfect and Lotus.

From the moment of its inception TiP was intended to become an idea workshop and a network company rather than a bricks and mortar one. Our main capital is knowledge and the technology. Currently TiP has permanent staff of four supplemented by a large group of external collaborators from academia and IT community who are able to provide a very specialized expertise in linguistics and programming.

Since 1995 TiP cooperates with European Commission starting with TELRI (Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure – Copernicus Concerted Action 1202) – a European Commission-funded initiative which created a viable infrastructure between leading European language and language technology centers.

Currently TiP is involved in semantic search research and development. These activities follow years of TiP's partnership in several European Projects.

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